Big Red Bus

When experiencing a creative block. Get outside, hike, ride a bike, read about some influential artists and designers- not only the "movers & shakers", but friends or local creatives, paint your neighbor's VW bus, go to a museum... sketch randomly. Return to the studio refreshed and invigorated.

The best defense against creative blocks is to find your canvas and let go.
What started out as a fun conversation to restore a good friends old Volkswagen bus turned into a memorable project that got me off canvas, paper and monitor to play with a surface I hadn’t worked with in many years. Though the red was to be a deep black cherry, it didn’t effect the design or process. In the end it looks great and helped sell this things that I had grown to actually love- being an old chevy guy, by the way. One thing is to remember that the bugs, mosquitos and other flying critters love clear cote for some reason – I hate clearing outside.
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